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Do You Get Ingrown Toenails?

Hi. My name’s Gregory Grossman. I’m 52 years old and have suffered from ingrown toenails for as long as I can remember. They are torturous! Most of mine would get infected and take weeks to heal. I went to my family doctor numerous times. He would do the best he could to help relieve the pain and speed up the healing process. However, they always came back. Two years ago I sought out a podiatrist. He gave me information about my options. He also told me that my nails were too wide, and there was nothing I could do to avoid this ailment. I opted for the procedure that would permanently remove the excess nail and deaden the area so the nail wouldn't grow back. I had my other foot done just last week. I’m going to share all I have learned and hope it helps you!


Get Instant Pain Relief From Plantars Faciitis

14 July 2015
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If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you know how painful the condition can be. This condition can cause pain ranging from a dull throbbing to a sharp stinging. It can make it extremely difficult for you to walk. Mornings are generally the worst with this condition and you may find it hard to get out of bed to start your day. There are a few things you can do at home to lessen the pain of the condition. Read More …

3 Ways To Avoid Foot And Ankle Pain

25 May 2015
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Not only do you spend a great deal of your life standing on your feet, with full body weight, studies show that some 75 percent of people will have some kind of foot related pain at some time in their life. You may also deal with some form of ankle issues, including swelling, sprains and general wear and tear. If you want to be sure that you are able to keep your foot and ankle pain at bay, there are some practical tips that you can follow in that regard. Read More …

Precise Measurement For Shoe Size Is Important For Foot Health

24 April 2015
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When did you last have your feet measured for shoes? You might not have had this done since you were a child or teen, when the practice is more common because the feet are still growing. Foot measurement for adults while shoe shopping used to be common, but it has become something of a historical relic except in higher-end stores. However, precise measurement helps prevent problems caused by wearing the wrong shoe size. Read More …

Podiatrists Introduce Trending Changes For Treating Your Ankle Sprain

15 April 2015
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You really should not blame yourself when you suffer a very bad ankle sprain. You may be the most careful person in the world, but you can miss a perfect step and injure your ankle. You may be simply taking a walk down the road when suddenly your foot hits an uneven section of the pavement. Your ankle rolls too far to the right or left. You will feel a sharp pain in the ankle area following such an encounter. Read More …

A Few Ways Podiatrists Can Help With Bunions & Ingrown Toenails

10 April 2015
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Podiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all manner of foot disorders and maladies, but some of the common foot problems they help with are bunions and ingrown toe nails. These are some of the most painful ailments that can plague one's feet, and podiatrists understand the urgency with which such problems need to be addressed. This article outlines some of the treatment options available to those suffering from bunions or ingrown toe nails. Read More …