Packing For A Trip? Include These Things If You Have Athlete's Foot

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Packing For A Trip? Include These Things If You Have Athlete's Foot

26 May 2016
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If you've previously suffered from athlete's foot and are getting ready to take a trip, a flare-up of this fungal infection that causes itching and burning is the last thing you want to deal with. While it's smart to visit your local podiatrist in advance of your trip to talk about the self-care techniques you can employ while you're away from home, it's also a good idea to make sure that you pack a handful of key items that you can use to manage the symptoms or reduce the likelihood of an athlete's foot flare-up. Here are some things to make sure are in your suitcase when you leave home.

Anti-Fungal Cream

Anti-fungal cream is a must when you're packing for a trip and have had instances of athlete's foot in the past. Applied directly to your feet, this cream rapidly reduces any soreness or itchiness that you experience during a flare-up. While you can always stop at a pharmacy to buy the cream, it's ideal to pack a tube before you travel in the event that you're in an area without easy access to a pharmacy. If you're going to travel by plane, remember to pack the cream in your zip-top bag with any other liquid, gels or pastes to make the transition through the airport security checkpoint quicker.

Extra Socks

Don't make the mistake of packing five pairs of socks if you'll be away from home for five days. Athlete's foot thrives in damp environments, which means that if your feet are sweaty and moist, there's a greater likelihood that you'll experience a flare-up. Think about the activities you'll be doing on your trip and even the temperature forecast. If you anticipate lots of walking or any other activity that will make your feet sweat, or the forecast is calling for hot weather that can lead to sweating, it's especially important to pack extra socks.


It's ideal to be sure that you have sandals in your luggage during your trip. Sandals are ideal for those who suffer from athlete's foot because they help keep your feet dry because of the air that circulates around your skin. Even if you wish to wear running shoes for walking activities during the day, plan to change into your sandals whenever you won't be doing a lot of walking. They'll help reduce the moisture around your feet and can prevent a flare-up of athlete's foot.